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The Locker Project: Why Leave Data Tracking to Others? Do It Yourself

  With companies looking to follow your data trail online, why not take possession of that information and find innovative uses for it yourself? That’s the question Jeremie Miller — the developer known for building the open-source protocol that powers many … Continue reading

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虽然不太赞成这个标题,但是其中有一句话却觉得很好: [互联网产品的三大要素是:服务、信息、人。之前(包括 Google 在内)做互联网的模式是“服务为中心,串联起人和信息”,Facebook 不管是有心还是无意,逐渐在把模式变成“人为中心,串联起服务和信息”。] Written by guwendong on 2011-01-24 — Leave a Comment 本文可以任意转载,转载时请务必以超链接形式标明文章 原始出处 与 版权信息。 “搜索已死,推荐上位”,这句话是去年9月份,我在 Resys Group 的一个帖子里面提的。这是典型的标题党,但我想要表达的意思,你懂的。 搜索死了吗?答案是“肯定没有”。“寻找信息”是刚性需求,搜索会 Forever Young。但它一定会变得越来越不性感,对于业界顶尖工程师会越来越丧失吸引力,大家会转去追逐更能吸引他们的事情。下面关于“Search Engine”的 Google Trends 可以说明一些问题。 之前只有搜索这么一种方式来满足“寻找信息”这个需求,但现在有其他选择了,比如社会化网络(Facebook)、微博(Twitter),其他你能想到的(Quora)和你想不到的,将来可用的方式只会越来越多。 如果大家关心推荐领域的话,过去一年会发现一些有意思的事情:首先,推荐的探索越来越多,各种新产品冒头的频率越来越快。然后,越来越多人看到了个性化的重要性。问 GroupOn 如何应对山寨,他说我要做个性化团购;问 FourSquare 如何应对 Facebook Places,他说我要推出个性化推荐。最后来看 Google,Google说了,“搜索的未来要靠个性化”,Google 也确实在积极地布局个性化。甚至连那个致力于搞局域网的公司,也都已经开始谈论这个话题了。 之前忘了在哪儿看到一个分析,是讲 Facebook 的开放平台,意思是说,用户更习惯去专业的网站解决特定的问题,而不是在一个大平台上解决所有问题。大平台的模式本身也不符合互联网的本质以及现代社会分工协作的基本经济准则。Resys 建组之初曾经讨论过“推荐能不能做成一种基础服务” [1]。豆瓣的推荐引擎大拿胖子也一直在思考这个问题,“个性化推荐,到底是一项技术,一个功能,还是一个产品?” [2]。这绝对是一个难题,业界顶尖的公司都或多或少在摸索这个问题,Facebook 的 OpenGraph … Continue reading

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Idea Collection : Project Cards — a Agile Project Management Tool

Here is a sneek preview of ProjetCards intuitive user interface. Simple and easy to use, it allows you to get control of your Agile team’s succes FASTER !   Monitor the progress of the current iteration with real-time updates. Use … Continue reading

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Tasktop Agile Planner

  Agile is promising big returns, yet few have the ALM integration necessary to realize measurable productivity gains. Due to a lack of integration with their work processes and tools, too many developers are resisting the move to Agile. Managers … Continue reading

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Tutorials of Opensocial

OpenSocial gives you several approaches for developing apps, depending on your project requirements. However, most social application designs have the same structure: application data, social data, and a template are combined to provide a rendered view to the end user. In the OpenSocial … Continue reading

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(转贴)Common REST Mistakes

When designing your first REST system there are a variety of mistakes people often make. I want to summarize them so that you can avoid them. If any are unclear, ask for more information on rest-discuss. Using HTTP is not … Continue reading

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First draft of new UI design for InsightG2

I upload my first draft of  new UI design for InsightG2.

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